The Friends Television Show: What Is It?

Article by Daniel Harken

Becoming somewhat of a classic show, Friends screened on television from the 22nd of September 1994, through to the 6th of May 2004. By the time the show ended it’s ten year cycle, more than fifty-two million viewers were tuning in each episode. By this time ten complete seasons had been edited, and the show had screened two-hundred and thirty-six episodes.

The final episode of Friends attracted the most viewers of any episode over its ten year period, confirming the episode as the fourth most watched finale on television. When the show finally came to a close, it remained ranked in the top ten television shows for a full week, and it is still considered to be one of the top television sitcoms in history.

The Friends show highlighted the lifestyles of a group of friends who lived in Manhattan. Each episode was filmed at the Warner Brothers Studio, in front of an appreciative live audience. Having received no less than sixty-three Primetime Emmy Award nominations, the show made history yet again. By the end of the series, a spin off show called “Joey” had been created.

The show would go to air every Thursday, for those who have not seen the show during it’s ten year stint on television. It was one of those shows that for half an hour, and sometimes an hour each week, people would laugh, cry and the share the episode at work the next day.

Typically with any sitcom, there were characters, six in total, who you would fall in love with, and sometimes hate. Two of the main characters, Rachel Green and Monica Geller, were always the best of friends. Courtney Cox and Jennifer Aniston were the two actors who played these parts. Rachel was a skilled enthusiast of fashion, whilst Monica earned her reputation as the Mother hen to all of the friends. The third of the girls in the show was Phoebe Buffay who was played by Lisa Kudrow. She was not only a masseuse, but a very eccentric self taught musician.

Then there was Monica’s brother, Ross Geller, a part played by David Schwimmer. He worked as a palaeontologist at a local museum. One of the most popular and recognized characters was Joey, somewhat of a womanizer. and played by Matt Le Blanc. Last but not at all least, was the character of Chandler Bing, a part played by Matthew Perry. He eventually married Monica in the 3rd last season.

Even today, seven years later, the show is still watched around the world as reruns, and it is also available on DVD, so those who were hooked by the show can watch all of their favorite moments whenever they want to. Friends was known to be responsible for a massive cultural impact. As an example of this, the Central Perk Coffee House has in fact inspired so many other coffee houses around the world.

The friends box set should be rented by anyone who has not had the privilege of seeing the show before. Falling in love with the Friends show, will be easy when you understand what all the fuss was about.

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Airing between September 22nd 1994, and May 6th 2004, the Friends TV show became a cult classic. By the time the show ended it’s ten year cycle, more than fifty-two million viewers were tuning in each episode. After more than two hundred and thirty individual screenings, ten full seasons had been edited for television.

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